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Dear G-Wagen friends, The new G-Class W 464 is to completely replace the W 463 and also the production of the G 350 d W 463 “Professional“ is to be discontinued. Production of the G 300 cdi W 461 for military customers, authorities, as well as for civilian customers is to be continued in Australia, that much is certain. And yet, the G 350 d Professional would be an attractive alternative to the new Mercedes X-Class: The reasonably equipped four-cylinder version of the pickup already passes the 60,000 Euro mark, so the price difference to the G is not all that big. According to insiders, the in-house tuner AMG in Affalterbach was very much involved in the development of the new G W 464. Due to the withdrawal of the Swiss Army Puch 230GE, S-Tec in Graz loses one of its best spare parts customers. With regards to spare parts, the new G 300 cdi that replace the 230GE are completely provided for by Mercedes-Benz. Apart from the growing business with parts for historic model Gs, the upgrade of older Diesel model Gs to the modern Steyr CDI engine (S-Tec Power Unit) is to generate additional business. On the occasion of the IAA, the tuning company Brabus from the city of Bottrop presented a special edition model limited to 10 units based on the G 65. The 900 hp bolide accelerates from a standstill to 100 kph (62 mph) in less than four seconds. In order to accommodate all the technology, the vehicle, priced at 666,000€, has received a new bonnet that takes a little getting used to. So far, Brabus has sold ten of the 4x4 squared special edition models Adventure. A G 650 Maybach is also expected in Bottrop but it has not been decided yet what they will make of it. Last but not least, AMG will also offer a Last Edition (65 units) of the G 65. Happy reading! Publisher Jörg Sand
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